[SNS] 170603 eodyd188 instagram update

https://www.instagram.com/p/BU4Mkp8FQob/ TRANSLATION: #BANZZ #JungTaeHo #JoJungSuk #LeeSiEon #HeoAnna #SOF #EricNam #KimSeJeong #SamKim . After the broadcast live yesterday, we continued for the 2nd round at that place! Sam Kim has early schedule for the next day so he can't stay with us ㅠㅠ And the we continued for the 3rd round in ChungDam-dong!! kkkk Thanks to… Continue reading [SNS] 170603 eodyd188 instagram update


[SNS] 170523 kidsplanet_casting_koo instagram update

https://www.instagram.com/p/BUaNi2mh2Wi/?taken-by=kidsplanet_casting_koo TRANSLATION: TV CF of DongWon Tuna coming soon~~~! With handsome actor Jo JungSuk-nim, a fun filming ❤ #kidsplanet #DongWonTuna #JoJungSuk #SenseToTakeCommemoratePhoto #LongAwaitedCF #kidsmodel #MakeSomeNoise     (T/N: She's the kid model in DongWon Tuna CF named Lee NaYoon) ————————————————————————————————— *sorry for grammatical error & mistranslations* Trans by: @forjojeol DO NOT TAKE AND/OR UPLOAD WITHOUT… Continue reading [SNS] 170523 kidsplanet_casting_koo instagram update

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[SNS] 170502 samdasoostory instagram update

https://www.instagram.com/p/BTlMgWLhzaR/?taken-by=samdasoostory TRANSLATION: [The standard of precious water] Releasing behind cut of #JoJungSuk's TVC! Actor Jo JungSuk who received lots of love through his musical, drama, and movies 🙂 We can see Jeju's purity and clean image through Samdasoo's TVC behind cut, enjoy! TRANSLATION ON PIC: #1 (top-left): Full of joke! Full of Fighting spirit! #2… Continue reading [SNS] 170502 samdasoostory instagram update


[SNS] 170425 eunwoo211 instagram update

https://www.instagram.com/p/BTSq4aSlJNs/?taken-by=eunwoo211 TRANSLATION: At the CF filming site!! With the most handsome, sweet, and gentle Jo JungSuk-sunbaenim 😆!!!!! Let's meet again at another filming site 😄 Thankies Dyeongsu ☺     (T/N: She's the actress in Dermatix Ultra CF named Seo EunWoo) ————————————————————————————————— *sorry for grammatical error & mistranslations* Trans by: @forjojeol DO NOT TAKE AND/OR UPLOAD… Continue reading [SNS] 170425 eunwoo211 instagram update


[SNS] 170508 taurus_musclejack instagram update

https://www.instagram.com/p/BTz-NhzAPVm/?taken-by=taurus_musclejack TRANSLATION: JungSuk-hyung's fan meeting! I came because he invited me. What I feel when watching the show! Without any bad means, it's more fun than any concerts! Although I'm not his fans, I could still enjoy and had fun. And I'm also amazed by the fandom. I wasn't the only male (who came), right?… Continue reading [SNS] 170508 taurus_musclejack instagram update


[SNS] 170330 taurus_musclejack instagram update

https://www.instagram.com/p/BSQ3m2pgfJE/?taken-by=taurus_musclejack TRANSLATION: The passionate JungSuk-hyungnim ^^ Because the filming finished early, he came to work out! It's the 2nd time I work with him~ He told me that his body shape/condition was the best in Jealousy Incarnate. I'll work hard so that he can portray his character in Drug King as well. Thank you for… Continue reading [SNS] 170330 taurus_musclejack instagram update