[ETC] 161203 Gong HyoJin Interview

Gong HyoJin: It’s a pleasure to work with Jo JungSuk *T/N: only translate about Jo JungSuk & JI part* Gong HyoJin said, “I’ve worked in so many dramas/movies. I want to show another acting that beyond expectations. I watched Jo JungSuk’s love confession to Park BoYoung in ‘Oh My Ghostess’ and he said the lines… Continue reading [ETC] 161203 Gong HyoJin Interview


[ENG SUB] Jo JungSuk & Gong HyoJin “Dreams come true”

On Oct, 8 2012 Jo JungSuk appeared on Taxi to promote his movie titled "Almost Che". The MC asked him who is the actress he wanted to act with. https://dailymotion.com/video/x5nn7xv After "Jealousy Incarnate", Gong HyoJin mentioned about that topic in the interview on Section TV. https://dailymotion.com/video/x5nn889   Please DO NOT re-upload to other website or… Continue reading [ENG SUB] Jo JungSuk & Gong HyoJin “Dreams come true”


[ETC] 161128 Gong HyoJin on SBS Power FM “Choi HwaJeong’s Power Time”

Gong Hyojin: Real ideal type is Go GyungPyo rather than Jo JungSuk Last Nov 28, Gong HyoJin & Uhm JiWon became guest at SBS Power FM “Choi HwaJeong’s Power Time”. When asked about ideal type between Jo JungSuk & Go GyungPyo in Jealousy Incarnate, Gong HyoJin said, “It’s really confusing too while filming for the… Continue reading [ETC] 161128 Gong HyoJin on SBS Power FM “Choi HwaJeong’s Power Time”


[ETC] 161124 Gong HyoJin Interview

Gong HyoJin: Jo JungSuk didn’t invite me to “Hyung” VIP Premiere… Lee Hwashin is over After being a partner in “Jealousy Incarnate”, Jo JungSuk and Gong HyoJin competes in the movie “Hyung” and “Missing” respectively. “Currently Jo JungSuk is really passionate to promote "Hyung”, so I think ‘Lee Hwashin is over’“, said Gong HyoJin while… Continue reading [ETC] 161124 Gong HyoJin Interview


[ETC] 161126 Gong HyoJin Interview

Gong HyoJin points out new chemistry king “After Sung DongIl, it’s Jo JungSuk” “It’s always different from take after take. Each of us develop reactions by acting. The part when we give and take reactions was really fun”, said Gong HyoJin. “All this time, I feel Sung DongIl sunbae is the most fit in chemistry… Continue reading [ETC] 161126 Gong HyoJin Interview