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[ENG SUB] 171019 Life Bar – Lee SiEon mention Jo JungSuk CUT

In this episode, Lee SiEon tries to copy how Jo JungSuk usually acts to him.     Video cr: tvN Please DO NOT re-upload to other website or social media. These videos were uploaded for the sole purpose of providing English subtitles to international fans. No copyright infringement intended.


[ETC] 170928 Actor Lee SiEon interview

In one interview, Lee SiEon revealed that yesterday he attended first script reading of 'Two Cops'. He said, "The drama is really fun. I'm anticipated it and I think it will do well. I'm happier because I can do this drama together with Jo JungSuk-hyung". The reason why Lee SiEon picked 'Two Cops' is because… Continue reading [ETC] 170928 Actor Lee SiEon interview

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[NEWS] 170907 Jo JungSuk to receive award from Minister of Health and Welfare

[EXCLUSIVE] Jo JungSuk x Ryu JunYeol, award from Minister of Health & Welfare... As contribution to suicidal prevention campaign On Sept 7, a representative from celebrity industry, has revealed that Jo JungSuk & Ryu JunYeol will receive a certificate award from Minister of Health & Welfare on Sept 8. Only Ryu JunYeol will attend the… Continue reading [NEWS] 170907 Jo JungSuk to receive award from Minister of Health and Welfare

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[ETC] Jo JungSuk Interview in BNVIIT Clinic Website

Type of surgery: ICL Eyesight: Left eye: -6.0 ➡ 1.0 Right eye: -6.0 ➡ 1.0 After surgery, I met the new world Q: Please introduce yourself A: Hello, I'm Jo JungSuk. Nice to meet you. Q: Do you feel comfortable after the surgery? Anything different? A: I'm 100% satisfied. Before the surgery, because of filming,… Continue reading [ETC] Jo JungSuk Interview in BNVIIT Clinic Website


[ETC] 170828 Actor Jung SangHoon Interview

Jung SangHoon "Bestfriend Jo JungSuk Praised Me, 'Really great'" *T/N: only translates JJS part* Jung SangHoon received compliments from Jo JungSuk for his acting in drama 'Women of Dignity' (2017). He said, "Jo JungSuk is a regular viewer of 'Women of Dignity'. He said that it's really great and told me that I'm the only… Continue reading [ETC] 170828 Actor Jung SangHoon Interview


[ETC] 170824 Actor Go ByungWan Interview

*T/N: only translates JJS part* Notes: He's a rookie actor who is just debuted in MBC weekend drama Bad Thief Good Thief (2017) Go ByungWan chose actor Jo SeungWoo and Jo JungSuk as role model. He really like musical 'Hedwig' and wants to play in that musical sometime. He said, " Both Jo SeungWoo and… Continue reading [ETC] 170824 Actor Go ByungWan Interview