About For Jojeol

For Jojeol was established first in Twitter on November 2016. Created with the aim of making content and information about Korean actor Jo JungSuk more accessible and comprehensible for his English-speaking fans around the world.

The name For Jojeol was chosen because its dedication to spread some love for one and only Jo JungSuk. “Jojeol” is a nickname Jo JungSuk got from his childhood friends and also his Twitter username (which he hasn’t use again since forever ㅠㅠ).

For Jojeol is founded and operated by one person only who isn’t a Korean native speakers but always try her best to provide translations and subbed videos. Therefore, please understand if there may be instances of inaccuracies in translations.

For Jojeol is mostly stay on Twitter. This blog is used for archives and to make easier access for Jo JungSuk fans. You can found more of For Jojeol on Twitter, Youtube, and Dailymotion.



For Jojeol is not affiliated with either agency Culture Depot or actor Jo JungSuk himself. Please credit anything taken out accordingly. Translation is not an easy task, so please respect For Jojeol efforts by giving due credit if you are sharing any content on this blog elsewhere (other website or social media). If you wish to share For Jojeol content with others or translate into other languages, please provide a URL link back to the original post on this blog, with proper credits. And please, DO NOT RE-UPLOAD.

Thank you for your understanding and enjoy this blog 🙂