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[NEWS] 170614 Jo JungSuk is in talks for drama ‘투깝스 (Two Cops)’

First news was released on June 14, 8.10 AM KST

[EXCLUSIVE] Jo JungSuk as detective this time… Lead for drama “Two Cops”


After a year, actor Jo JungSuk will make a comeback as a detective.

According to drama industry on June 14, Jo JungSuk is confirmed to play in drama ‘Two Cops’.

He will play as Cha DongTak, a powerful detective from YoungDeungPo police station who is ready to go anywhere and anytime to uphold justice.

He has a strong visual and body that makes any woman who pass by will turn to look at him. But if he’s in front of a bad guy (criminal) he won’t hesitate to punch him on the face.

He is a man of honor. He’s a serious person all the time but has a sense of humor and lack of flexibility that will cause laughter.

‘Two Cops’ tells a story about a powerful detective whose body is entered (possessed) by a spirit of swindler and become “in one body, two spirits”. They will work together solving cases with a help from a cheeky female reporter. It’s a fantasy romance criminal investigation drama.

Jo JungSuk will transform into a detective and show off his unique personality. This is his comeback in small screen just a year after ‘Jealousy Incarnate’. From all the drama and movies synopsis he got, he decided ‘Two Cops’ as his next project.

‘Two Cops’, written by Byun SangSoon-writer, won a “Exellence Writing” category in KBS TV drama miniseries career-writer contest last year. It will be broadcasted sometimes in fall. The broadcast station where the drama will be aired is still on discussion. After all the casts are confirmed, they’ll go for script reading and filming right away.

Update on June 14, 8.30 AM KST

[OFFICIAL] Jo JungSuk’s agency “Still reviewing positively for drama ‘Two Cops'”

On June 14, Jo JungSuk’s agency representative stated, “Jo JungSuk is still reviewing drama ‘Two Cops’ in positive way”.

Update on June 14, 10.48 AM KST

[OFFICIAL] Jo JungSuk’s drama-to-be ‘Two Cops’, MBC is reviewing for its schedule

According to broadcast industry, Jo JungSuk’s still-reviewing drama ‘Two Cops’ will air on MBC around November.

A representative from MBC said, “We just received the script drama ‘Two Cops’ and still in the middle of reviewing it. We’re still in the beginning state of reviewing”.


*sorry for grammatical error & mistranslations*

Source: 1 2 3

Trans by: @forjojeol



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