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[INTERVIEW] 170519 Jo JungSuk – “My Annoying Brother” Japan released interview with Marisol Online

Prior to “My Annoying Brother” released in Japan on May 19, Jo JungSuk sat down with Marisol Online for a quick interview and his take on his role as older Brother Go DuShik.

What makes you decide to take “My Annoying Brother”?

I chose this project because its solid story. When I read the scenario for the first time, I can feel the emotion. I felt like I must do this movie. I received the scenario when I was filming for drama “Oh My Ghostess” so I didn’t need in hurry to do any project. But the scenario is really great that makes me want to do it. This movie still lingers in my heart a lot because I relate to it as I have family and older brothers too.

How was the atmosphere at filming site?

I had a lot of scenes with D.O and we had a lot of situations where we can’t hold our laughter. We laughed so much that create so much NG (no-good scenes) but it feels good.

What kind of movie is “My Annoying Brother” to you?

It’s a movie that makes me happy. I like that it also made to box office. I want to be a “hit” actor. In the past, I want to be an actor you can trust or an actor that makes you happy. But now I think a “hit” actor has everything. As I did a lot of musical/theater, I’m happy if there are 100 audiences rather than only 1. Of course that 1 person is also important, but having more gives me strength. I really appreciate a lot of people watch project that I do. I always want to be a “hit” actor.

Kim KangHyun act as your friend in this movie and seems like both of you know each other.

Yes, that’s right. He’s an older brother that I know since my musical/theater era. We haven’t stand in one stage together. But I heard his name and meet him a lot because we’re in the same industry.

What is your first impression of Do KyungSoo?

KyungSoo is very talented and his concentration is amazing. On the surface, he’s like a cute younger brother. But when you know him, he’s a gentleman. That’s why he can bring DuYoung character to live.

Any other young/junior actors that you keep your eyes on?

There’s no other than KyungSoo (laughs). I watched KyungSoo in drama “Be Positive” and his acting is really good. Every time I met him I always said, “You’re the best!!”. I can see his confidence and charms through that drama. I trust him and anticipate his future career.

You have a broad acting experience in musical. What is its charm to you?

I think it’s the live sensation. You can do live interaction with the audiences. For example, if you do a mistake the audience still can see it. But it has its own tension and fun. That’s the charm of doing musical for actors.

And what is movie and drama’s charm to you?

I think movie and drama show you more detail. In musical/theater, there’s a space between stage and audiences so you may not see the acting detail. But in movie or drama you can see it. The camera grasps every detail of emotion and facial expression.

What do you like about acting?

As you know, I studied guitar at first. After that I entered theater major in college. The first day of college I made a promise to myself, “Alright, let’s do whatever it takes. I can do this”. I took scholarship to pay my college expenses and in the middle of it I passed audition for musical “The Nutcracker” which was my debut stage. At that time, I couldn’t believe and was touched that my acting can make me some money. One day, a couple came to me and said, “You’re Jo JungSuk, right? Thanks to you we’re now married”. I listened to their story and apparently both of them like actor Jo JungSuk. They regularly met at musical that I play. That time, I got this feeling, “Ah~ I have a very important job that can even turn people’s life around. This job needs a big responsibility to do”. I also talked about this topic to Gong HyoJin in the middle of filming “Jealousy Incarnate”. “We’re doing something important so we must do our best”. For me, a job as an actor has its own rewarding and responsibility.

You’re like a chameleon that can transform into many roles. What kind of actor do you want to be? 

I want to be an actor that flexible. I don’t want to distinguish between musical actor, movie actor, talent, etc. But I want to be flexible in acting without distinction. Thankfully, there are many offers for me to do musical, drama, and also movie. I think my charms is the fact that I can absorb many things well and flexible in acting.

Is there anything you interest into lately? Or your way to relieved stress?

I really love travelling. I’m the type that want to go to many places. Recently, I got interest on camping and I’m thinking on going on one. In my off-days, I usually do sports. I really love it and for me doing sports is a healing.

Have you decide on your next project?

Yes, I will work on movie “Drug King”.

Is there any role that you want to play?

People around me said they want to see me act as a villain and other role. Actually, I deliberately put on airs* on villain roles. As for genre, I want to act on panic or SF block-buster movie.

(*t/n: he said it in Korean idiom that I don’t really understand so I translate the word as literally as in dictionary)

Marisol team travels to Korea often. Any place or food you would recommend?

How about 삼청동 (SamCheong-dong)? It’s a place where a lot of actors often do promotion or interview. But I don’t know if you can run into them coincidencely (laughs). And in SamCheong-dong there are a lot of delicious restaurants. I would like to recommend 전주 (JeonJu) if you want to visit city other than 서울 (Seoul). JeonJu is the center of food! Any restaurant or food store that you find is delicious. I often go to Japanese restaurant or bar. I won’t tell which restaurant because you (Marisol team) know Japanese restaurant better in Japan (laughs).

*sorry for grammatical error & mistranslations*

Original post & pic source: Marisol Online

Japan-Korean translation by: Jo JungSuk DC Inside Gallery

Korean-English translation by: @forjojeol



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