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[INTERVIEW] 170519 Jo JungSuk – “My Annoying Brother” Japan released booklet

Some questions in original post are not translated because the Korean translation skip that questions. As I only understand Korean, I translate from the Korean translation. Hope for your understanding~ ^^


Do you have any worries when decided to take Go DuShik role? Tell us your reason to take this role.

I don’t have any worries for this role. I even anticipate this a lot because I can show my new sides to people. I chose this project because its solid story. When I read the scenario for the first time, I can feel the emotion. I felt like I must do this movie. I received the scenario when I was filming for drama “Oh My Ghostess” so I didn’t need in hurry to do any project. But the scenario is really great that makes me want to do it. This movie still lingers in my heart a lot because I relate to it as I have family and older brothers too.

Tell us a story happened in filming process

I had a lot of scenes with D.O and we had a lot of situations where we can’t hold our laughter. It’s the scene when DuShik dressed DuYoung to go to club. We even laughed at the misplaced button on shirt DuYoung wore. It’s difficult to tell every single NG scenes because there’s too many. The scene of DuShik and DuYoung in hospital, at the mall, etc. We laughed a lot at the filming site and of course when we see the movie itself.

If you have the same experience as DuShik, what will you do?

As I act as DuShik, there was a part which I couldn’t understand. It’s the scene after DuShik got diagnosed for terminal ill from doctor, he drove overspeed and almost got accident. If I’m an older brother and even not good at it just like DuShik, I will use all of my left strength to help DuYoung. I’ll take care of him or make home that safety for his disability. But there’s part of DuShik that I can relate to. I think I also can’t tell my bother if I have terminal ill. I don’t know if I can still give advice to him in that kind of state.

Do you have a fellow celebrity that you consider as real older brother?

Yes, he’s actor Jung SangHoon. I went to “Youth Over Flowers – Iceland” with him. I know him since musical and always an older brothe to me. Recently, I worked with him in drama “Jealousy Incarnate”.

How do your family feel when watch this movie?

There’s nothing special to tell. Korean brothers don’t do aegyo (cutesy act) to each other. I always said in interview that this movie is made for family or brothers. But in real life, my older brothers can’t tell me about his feeling whatsoever (laughs). My mother told me that she laughed watching the movie. She felt really sad when think it’s her own son, Jo JungSuk, who die not Go DuShik.

You’re so busy because of drama or movie filming. What do you do in your off-day?

I really love travelling. Recently, I got interest on camping and I’m thinking on going on one. I already prepared some camping stuffs, but I still can’t go because of the preparation of my fan meeting. In my off-days, I usually do sports. I really love it and for me doing sports is a healing.

Tell us what will you do when you visit Japan!

I want to go here and there. I want to see many places with my own eyes. I went to Japan a lot because of work but I didn’t have “me time”. That’s why I want to go to many places when I visit Japan later.

A word for Japan audiences.

This movie is full of fun and touching story. I’m happy if I can share the emotion I felt when read the scenario for the first time to all of you. I hope after watching this movie you can think of your family or beloved person. Please give a lot of love and interest to me, D.O, and Park ShinHye. I hope you can laugh and cry because of this movie. Thank you.

*sorry for grammatical error & mistranslations*

Original post & pic source: shirotora님 via Jo JungSuk DC Gallery

Japan-Korean translation by: Jo JungSuk DC Inside Gallery

Korean-English translation by: @forjojeol



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